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3 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self Confidence

Dear PowerWoman,

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, you know how crippling it can be.
The missed opportunities, the indecisions, the quiet torments – it stops us from living our best lives. Self-doubt is really just a subconscious belief caused by childhood trauma. If we change our beliefs, we can shed self-doubt and develop self-confidence instead.

Below are 3 amazing ways to yank off self-doubt and instantly build your self confidence:

1. Think of your best qualities: You have some qualities that you love and its usually not the way you look. it could be a talent or skill you have acquired over the time, but what ever it is, focus on it and often use as a reminder of how awesome and amazing you are.

2. Write down your accomplishments: Think back to all of the accomplishments you’ve had. Get a pen and paper and start writing them down. It seems simple, but as your list grows, you’ll start to see that not only have you accomplished some impressive things, you are capable of even more.

You might begin to see patterns of times when you felt really good about yourself and accomplished a lot of great things. This exercise can help you tune in to the parts of yourself that know you’re adequate, capable and extraordinary!

3.  Invest in your well-being: Take a look at your spending patterns and see if you can make some changes. Are you spending money on self-destructive coping mechanisms? Whether it’s unhealthy comfort food, excessive drinking, video games or apps, or overindulgence of any kind, these spending habits can be transformed.

By taking the money you spend on indulgences and spending that money on self-improvement, you can empower your mind and body to raise your self-esteem.

Whether it’s a meditation retreat, yoga classes, self-improvement courses or simply healthier food, spending money on things that are good for you can make you feel better about yourself. PowerWoman, Sometimes, things could happen that might suddenly make you have feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy, don’t allow it!

Shake off that feeling like a pesky house fly because you’re too special for that